Francisco Rodríguez


Jadis of Charn saying the Deplorable Word


La presente ilustración se dibujó en el 2003. Dos años después se retomó la imagen y se le aplicó el color y también se le agregaron los detalles. El personaje representado es una bruja de la novela The Magician’s Nephew, de la serie de novelas Las crónicas de Narnia, del académico británico C.S.Lewis (1898-1963). A continuación el fragmento literario al cual la ilustración hace referencia:

[…] “The last great battle,” said the Queen, “raged for three days here in Charn itself. For three days I looked down upon it from this very spot. I did not use my power till the last of my soldiers had fallen, and the accursed woman, my sister, at the head of the rebels was halfway up those great stairs that lead up from the city to the terrace. Then I waited till we were so close that we could see one another’s faces. She flashed her horrible, wicked eyes upon me and said, “Victory.” “Yes,” said I, “Victory, but not yours.” Then I spoke the Deplorable Word. A moment later I was the only living thing beneath the sun.”